Questions Day 2

A much slower day in questions, hopefully they keep pouring in so people can learn even more about the candidates. Thanks again to everyone who asked questions.
Joe Tortuga
In your mind (and in any of the others running) what’s the difference between a SIG and a Chapter?
GS: The chapters are where most members see value in the IGDA, these are great ways to educate and allow networking ops for our members, the chapters need to be strengthened to allow even more consistent meetings and great content. The SIGs are where we can make real change in the industry, by publishing great papers like the QoL paper. We need to encourage and strengthen the SIGs where they are producing more regular content. The SIGs are also valuable because of the conversations that happen within them, these should be more encouraged.
Regina Buenaobra
Board candidates: Discuss challenges IGDA has in terms of diversity & inclusivity & your ideas for meeting them.
GS: I think the @igda has the same challenge that any org with a large group of people faces, making everyone feel welcome. I know @CorvusE has been doing a lot of work on diversity for the @igda and there is also the diversity SIG. Their initiatives, papers and works MUST be supported by the org and the board now more than ever.

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