Day 1 Questions (Mostly from twitter)

So I plan on posting all of the questions I’m asked during the campaign on this blog, I will also be posting my answers from twitter.  Below are the questions asked on the first day.
But first some awesome quotes from twitter about the election.
Ian Schreiber
“Attn #igda members: the Board is not high school Student Council. Please vote for the best candidates, not the most popular names.”
Corvus Elrod
“Don’t just trust us to be transparent. Google the candidates & determine for yourself where we stand on the issues you care about! #igdavote
Casey O’Donnell
“I think it’s great that #IGDAvote -ing goes through March 18th. Hopefully most candidates will be at #GDC so we meet them. Annual meeting?”
GS: Hey Casey, I’m not sure about the other candidates but I will be at GDC and will be at the annual meeting for sure.

Ian Schreiber
“Question for candidates: your plans to support members/chapters, grow membership, raise funds?”
GS: Two of my main points in my statement are on helping Chapters. I hope to do this in several ways outlined there. But a little detail, I hope to teach chapters how to raise sponsorships locally, and help by connecting leaders. Membership should be grown by increasing engagement and excitement in the community. And making the IGDA have value. We need to make people more aware of the current benefits and add even more benefits that people want and need. For the org, increasing the value of membership will increase the number of members which will help a little. But we must also partner with corporations and studios. This will increase both our money and possible benefits. For the Chapters, we must help local chapters find local sponsors. By helping them establish a sponsorship deck and helping them reach out to local sponsors. This is a challenge for all chapters and one we are currently taking on in @IGDAPhilly

Doug Hill
“Candidates, how would you enrich the IGDA for members who live in areas that cannot sustain a full chapter?”
GS: One initiative I would like to bring back is the webinars, these were awesome and provide value to ALL members.

Robin V
“I want to get involved with the IGDA, but as a student in game design outside of the US there aren’t many ways for me to be helpful; besides, my school doesn’t seem to care about the association and its initiatives. If you’re elected, what will you do to clarify how individuals can be useful to the IGDA and benefit from the membership, how will you improve the IGDA’s presence internationally and how will you encourage schools around the globe to take part in the events?”
GS: First off you can be helpful by joining the Student SIG and exposing to them the problems you are having internationally hopefully we can figure out how to help. I want to increase the benefits to members by partnering with companies that give the benefits that our members need, as well as expose the value that currently exists for our members. Individual members are the heart of the IGDA, this is a volunteer organization so members can be as useful as they want to be by volunteering and helping to make the organization an even better place! I will help international chapters formalize and charter, as well as helping to remove obstacles for other benefits that they don’t currently receive.  We must encourage schools around the globe to take part in the Global Game Jam, this helps raise awareness for the org and the industry.

Anders Højsted
“Quick question to the candidates for the IGDA-board: what are your policy towards the non-US chapters?”
GS: I know that one conversation I’ve had with several leaders of international chapters is that isn’t currently possible to charter/formalize. I want to help remove all of the obstacles for international chapters to formalize. I know there is a lot of political red tape to cut through and it is different for every country, but if we work WITH the leaders we can figure out how to make this possible.  Also I love the international chapters, what IGDA Japan is doing is really inspiring and I hope to see all of our chapters and leaders be that excited and active.

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