First few questions

So I have already been asked a few questions and I wanted to go ahead and answer them here.

Question 1: Will you be stepping down from the Philly IGDA Chair position if elected to the board?

Answer 1:  No, I have  talked with several of the current board members, that are also in leadership positions of their local chapters, and they have said that they are able to do both their board work and their chapter work.

Q 2: What is the board and what are their duties?

A 2: The best way to answer this one is by saying what the packet that candidates are given by the IGDA says.

Responsibilities of Directors
As the governing body of the IGDA, the Board of Directors has a great deal of responsibility.Beyond the commitment to be prepared for and attend meetings, and be engaged in the work ofthe organization, Directors understand that:

1. They must focus on the mission and strive to keep it relevant and meaningful.

2. They provide financial oversight, and ultimately have fiduciary responsibility over the organization.

3. They must ensure legal and ethical integrity, and maintain accountability.

4. They must ensure effective organizational planning, thinking strategically for the long-term success of the organization.

5. They strive to enhance the IGDA’s public standing and be advocates of the organizationwithin the community.

6. They ensure the IGDA has adequate resources to fulfill its mission.

7. They determine, monitor and strengthen the organization’s programs and services.

8. They oversee, evaluate and direct the Executive Director.

-IGDA Board Nominee Packet 01/21/2011

I also wanted to include the Code of Ethics for the board.

The Board of Directors of the International Game Developers Association(“IGDA”) is committed to conducting its business in accordance with ethical andprofessional standards, and therefore has adopted the principles set forth below asorganizational policy.
Each member of the Board of Directors shall:
1.Act with honesty and integrity.

2.Exercise loyalty to the IGDA, acting in the best interests of theorganization and taking no action that would undermine orimpede the activities of the IGDA.

3.Adhere to high standards of professional conduct, in particularregarding meeting attendance, preparedness, objectivity, mutual respect, courtesy, and candor.

4.Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

5.Maintain the confidentiality of all proprietary and competitivelysensitive or valuable information of the IGDA.

6.Respect the principles of free competition as embodied in theantitrust laws.

7.Support the protection of the assets of the IGDA, includingintellectual property.

8.Encourage IGDA staff to alert the Board of Directors to potentialmisconduct or violations of law without fear of retribution.

-IGDA Board Nominee Packet 01/21/2011

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